Uhhmami Takes Top Spot for “Catering and Food Services” at SIAL Innovation 2022 Awards

15/10/2022 —PARIS, FRANCE. Uhhmami captivated the judges at the SIAL Innovation 2022 awards in Paris last month with its pioneering range of plant-based bouillons and seasonings. This Denmark-based company managed to take home the gold medal for the prestigious “Catering and Food Services (C.F.S)” award — referred to as the top “vegan flavour and taste.”

Characterised as vegan, clean-label, and organic umami seasoning that is rich in taste, Uhhmami’s product was selected for the first-place prize based on the “wide range that can be used as a base to make tasty vegan recipes.” This is a monumental achievement for this up-and-coming culinary brand, given that it received the award at the world’s largest food fair where approximately 7,000 exhibitors and 300,000 visitors from 200 countries attended.

Moreover, the SIAL Innovation 2022 awards is a diverse international food exhibition commemorating those who help “shape what we eat both today and tomorrow.” With this in mind, it is hardly surprising that Uhhmami championed the competition since its main goal is to change the way society eats in order to lead healthier lives and reduce our collective carbon footprint. By adding rich, familiar flavours to vegan dishes, the founder hopes to help us all seamlessly transition from animal-based products to fresh, plant-based alternatives.


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